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Frederico Suave!

The debonair gentleman Frederico Suave has traveled with as well as supported the Babies for many years.  He is an ardent supporter of Austin’s local music community.  Through his efforts and base of operations at the historic and revered Tree House Italian Grill, lovers have publicly proclaimed their love for one another, forever changing the course of history.  Families have also celebrated together, forging memories each will cherish.  Frederico Suave has undeniable charisma, charm, intellect, and grace.  We provide here a sampling of some of our shared experiences with Frederico Suave.

Frederico Is A Deep Cover Agent! Frederico Suave shown here wearing a Russian Zvezda KKO series pressure suit given to him by the Zvezda corporation in the late 1980’s as a token of its appreciation. In the late 1960’s Fred worked for the CIA as a deep undercover operative and gathered intelligence by enrolling as a student in the cosmonaut training facility in Star City Russia then under the direction of Yuri Gagarin. Yuri Gagarin trusted his life to his Zvezda pressure suit and introduced Fred to high ranking officials in the Zvezda company, who customized modifications to the KKO series pressure suit around Fred’s suggestions. Fred has mixed feelings about his contributions, saying “The USA was technically so far ahead of the Soviets at this time and while I knew that the modifications I made were useful to them, it paled in comparison to what we had accomplished in the USA. Deep cover agents are often faced with such dilemas and we are compelled to maintain our cover. It was obvious even then that the Cold War would soon be over and the Russian people really wanted to have a meaningful relationship with the USA. I also needed to make some modifications to the suit make sure I could survive the re-entry from outer space. successfully return the intelligence I had gathered and more importantly return to my wife and family, whom I terribly missed while in Russia.” Historians lament that the majority of Frederico’s space program exploits remain surrounded in secrecy due to his purported involvement with the USA’s fabled SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance program.
Frederico Suave!

This antique handmade doll of the swashbuckling rapscallion Frederico Suave was hand crafted by Antoinette Marquis Du Pont based upon her memory of her harrowing rescue from Jean Lafitte at the hands of Frederico Suave. Antoinette’s descendants later founded the Du Pont corporation. This doll celebrates Suave’s bravery during the storming of Lafitte’s ship, the “General Santander”, and the untimely demise of pirate Jean Lafitte. Interestingly, this doll is wearing clothing dating from the early American Revolution. In 1823 it was the common practice of the Spanish sailors who joined Frederico in ending Lafitte’s pirate escapades to wear clothing from the early American Revolution. Frederico Suave was a key participant in the pursuit of many pirates such as Jean Lafitte who operated in the Texas Gulf Coast in the early 1800’s. Frederico earned his last name “Suave” from the numerous ladies he rescued upon liberating pirate vessels during this period. His debonair and gentlemanly manner comforted ladies when they realized that their days of endless servitude and suffering at the hands of their captors was immediately over due to the actions of Frederico. Frederico was one of very few men who campaigned for women’s suffrage during this period. Fortunately, the seeds of justice planted by Frederico would bear fruit during a later period in American history.

Frederico Suave, Texas Ranger The statue of Federico Suave was made based upon eyewitness accounts recorded circa 1894 outside of Vinegaroon, Texas. During this era, Federico Suave served as a Texas Ranger over a broad swath of west Texas and would regularly bring criminals to Judge Roy Bean’s court for trial. Federico has the distinction of requesting the establishment of a court jurisdiction in Vinegaroon in the year 1882, a request which led to establishment of the now legendary Judge Roy Bean’s “Law West of the Pecos” combination saloon and courtroom named “The Jersey Lily”. “I never intended for the likes of Roy Bean to become justice of the peace” admits Federico, “The residents elected him.” Federico gave this statue as a gift to Hollywood screenwriter Marguerite Roberts at a dinner party. One look at the statue inspired Ms. Roberts to composed a screenplay which was ultimately produced into the movie “True Grit”.
Frederico Meets with President Roosevelt

President Theodore Roosevelt, pictured here with Frederico Suave and Grand General Ryan J. Gould, circa 1907. Although many historians cite the events surrounding this photograph differently, Frederico Suave and Grand General Gould recalled this particular moment having emotional poignancy for the Roosevelt Presidency. Grand General Gould has remarked “The President was very seriously concerned about the statehood of Oklahoma and a potential role for Seth Bullock’s talents there. He always had a great respect for Seth and was very seriously concerned for the future of Oklahoma. We were just reminiscing about Seth when this photograph was taken. “Frederico opined thus: “President Roosevelt and Grand General Gould were very seriously deliberating the future possibilities, considering many options, and discussing their adventures with Seth Bullock. They both clearly missed Seth. I shared with the President that Oklahoma should become a state, and sooner rather than later.” Years later, research into the President’s diary revealed that the President’s historically photographic memory mis-represented Frederico’s remarks. The President’s diary entry reads “Fred advises to move forward with Oklahoma statehood. He says that Oklahoma should be called the Sooner State. Bully!”

Frederico Suave in 1976

The 1976 bicentennial anniversary for the United States ushered in the development of many celebratory mementos. In anticipation of this impending holiday, the Kenner Corporation, in their efforts to secure licensing rights before toy mass production, developed this prototype 3-3/4 inch tall action figure of Frederico Suave dressed in “Uncle Sam” attire for review by President Gerald Ford in 1975. During President’s visit to Austria in 1975, this toy fell from Mrs. Ford’s purse during the Ford’s departure from the Air Force One jet powered airplane. President Ford unknowingly stepped on the toy, and the combination of this uneven surface and the rain caused President Ford to fall down the stairs to great public embarrassment. This event sparked a period of increased public scrutiny of President Ford’s presidency with some media personalities associating his fall as a symbol of his “clumsy” Presidency. Publicly, President Ford attributed his fall to a previous knee injury. Privately, President Ford blamed the Frederico Suave prototype action figure for his fall in Austria and did not grant licensing rights to the Kenner Corporation. He subsequently set the action figure afire and buried the remains in a mock funeral in the White House Rose Garden to bring emotional closure to his traumatic Austrian falling incident. The Kenner Corporation decided against using the image of Frederico Suave and instead replaced Frederico with the more established image of Uncle Sam. This picture has previously not been released.

Frederico Suave and the Monte Carlo Brass Band

Federico Suave, pictured here with members of Princess Grace’s Monte Carlo Brass Band and Andre the Giant near Andre’s childhood home in Grenoble, France, circa 1961. Various members of the Babies, special guest Babies Faustyn Langowski, Jim Ivy and Sir Roy Gould as well as then unknown fifteen year old wrestling student Andre the Giant are shown in this photograph. After becoming the Princess of Monaco, Princess Grace sought to bring her beloved American jazz to Monaco. She had enjoyed her 1951 dinner with Federico at New York’s Stork Club until Josephine Baker was denied service, causing a racism rowe during which Princess Grace’ party stormed from the club, vowing never to return. Princess Grace fondly recalled Federico’s debonair and gentlemanly support for her in those trying times as well as her early days as a struggling young actress and sought out the counsel of her old friend Federico Suave to organize a proper brass band for her Monte Carlo resort. Federico Suave recalled, “Princess Grace had magical timing. I happened to be preparing for a trip to France were I was scheduled to train a young man named Andre on the finer points of wrestling when she telephoned her desire for a proper brass band. No stranger to the stiff-necked music of Prince Ranier’s French Riveria during that era in time, I knew instantly what she was enduring and more importantly, what she longed for. Aunt Ruby was very kind to lend me the services of the Babies, and once they were involved I knew this would be a fantastic and exciting adventure.” This photograph was taken during a break of Federico’s combination band rehearsals and wrestling training exercises, a technique developed by Federico to enhance rhythm and fluidity of movement in wrestling. This event also marks the first meeting between Andre and the Babies, who would go on to become life long friends.

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