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Aunt Ruby’s Sweet Jazz Babies has been privileged to provide music for motion pictures, theatre productions, commercial advertisements, documentaries, dance club events, house concerts, jazz festivals, other recording artists, etc., as well as musical entertainment services to private clients for parties, wedding receptions, and other social occasions. We encourage dialogue and would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you concerning the possibility of performing for you.

Please contact our event coordinators at your convenience:

Wedding Reception Event Coordinator:
Oliver Steck
(512) 983-0132
All Other Types of Events and Inquiries:
Edward Hayes
Aunt Ruby’s Sweet Jazz Babies
Post Office Box 1575
Seguin, Texas 78156
(512) 626-1407

Additional Information For Private Events:

We offer the following additional information to our potential private clients who are considering the Babies for their private event.

We are a professional and discreet organization that has provided services for clients with a range of social, political, and religious affiliations.  We have been fortunate enough to have performed for many types of people and organizations and we always maintain our clients’ confidentiality.

We take pride in our ability to provide high quality family-oriented musical entertainment services that adhere to traditional common standards of good taste.   We believe family members of all ages should be able to enjoy our performances together.   We are more than happy to discuss this in further detail with you should you have any questions.  We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by how easily people of all ages can enjoy our events together.

We encourage socializing at our events as an integral part of our performance philosophy.  We believe that event attendees should be able to enjoy our performance and also simultaneously enjoy a conversation with their neighbor.  Whenever possible, we prefer to perform acoustically, entirely without amplification.

Depending upon the venue and the quantity of people you are anticipating for your event, some minor amplification of certain musicians may be warranted.   We approach the implementation of amplification on a case-by-case basis, always cognizant that every event has an integral social element to be honored.

Different ensemble configurations (three, four, five piece, etc.) of the Babies are possible for private performances.  This helps tailor our performance to every situation and preference.  We have also assembled larger ensembles.

We encourage you to review the performance videos under the “Videos” section of our website to get an example of the entertainment level that different ensemble configurations can provide.  The ensemble composition can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences.  We encourage you to talk more about this with us and we can assist you in navigating through the decision making process.

Regarding the cost of a private performance, the total cost will be largely dependent upon the number of musicians performing and the time duration of the performance, both of which are selected by our clients.  Additional expenses associated with lodging, travel, etc., may apply depending upon the event location.  Please contact our event coordinator for a quotation specific to your event.

The following information is helpful to have when scheduling an event with us:

1. Date of your event
2. Time of your event
3. Location of your event
4. Desired duration of music performance

Through our partnership with PayPal, we are able to offer means to facilitate online electronic payment for services rendered.    Please be advised that an additional charge will be assessed that is associated with PayPal’s service fees for the convenience of on-line payment.    The value of the charge is three percent of the total purchase amount.    For simplicity, this will be reflected on your PayPal invoice as “tax”.

Please click on the  PayPal “Buy Now” button located on the right side of your screen to be redirected to PayPal for online musical entertainment services purchases.

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